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Savings by pooling your purchasing power

Our Energy Program provides outstanding value through aggregation, and by providing expert advice and industry-leading customer service.

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150+ members participated in our 2021 natural gas aggregation
Our 2021 natural gas aggregation secured prices at 5% below future market forecasts
We save participating members between $10,000 to $25,000 per year in energy consulting fees by providing procurement services at no additional charge.

Take your power purchasing to the next level with Power+

Connect with us and find out what participating in Power+ could mean for your municipality. 

Our team will help you explore the benefits, walk you through our transparent approach, and discuss the right term for your organization.

Pincher Creek wind turbines

Electricity, Natural Gas & Green Power

By pooling our members’ purchasing power we are able to unlock access to the wholesale market, driving competition, and ensuring our members get access to the best price at the time of the transaction.

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Energy Reports Portal

Subscribers can learn how the Energy Reports Portal can support your financial reporting, invoice payment, and energy management needs. The energy reports portal provides the following key features:

  • Access PDF copies or download spreadsheets showing your monthly invoice
  • Confirm that your invoice payment was successfully applied
  • Download or chart your electricity/gas consumption and costs
  • Obtain historical data
  • Account information
  • Account site list
  • Site information
  • Meter reads
  • Monthly management reports on power & gas
  • Invoiced charges and consumption
  • 24-hour web access
  • Secure and specific access to authorized users

Training is provided for free and can be customized to focus on data required by management/administration, finance, facilities, environmental/sustainability or many other areas within your organization.