Join a committee

Opportunities to join a committee

If you are a municipal elected official or senior administrator and want to shape the direction of our policy and advocacy work, please apply to participate on one of our committees!

Participating on a committee provides an opportunity to influence the direction of policy and programs while ensuring your municipality’s interests are addressed. In addition, you will gain greater awareness of our initiatives and can increase your network and leadership skills.

Committee applications are closed for 2021/2022. 

Our committees

The Infrastructure and Energy Committee looks at matters pertaining to municipal infrastructure and its financing. It covers municipal infrastructure related grants and transfers, tangible capital assets, asset management, transportation and public works, roads and bridges, rights of way including utilities, energy policies and market access, and disaster planning and emergency management.

The Municipal Governance Committee looks at matters pertaining to the Municipal Government Act and related legislation, property assessment and tax policy, municipal revenue and cost sharing, intermunicipal cooperation, the municipal sustainability strategy, roles and responsibilities of municipalities, citizen engagement, indigenous relations, and convention resolutions.

The Safe and Healthy Communities Committee considers issues relating to health and safety (including emergency medical response and police funding), social programs (FCSS, poverty reduction, affordable housing and homelessness), culture and recreation, and welcoming and inclusive communities.

The Sustainability and Environment Committee reviews matters pertaining to water, climate change, clean air, brownfields, solid waste management, land use planning and cumulative effects management, and municipal sustainability planning.

The Small Communities Committee provides input on opportunities and challenges affecting the sustainability of small communities. This Committee is also responsible for providing a small communities perspective on key policy initiatives.

The ​Audit and Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring the overall integrity of financial systems and practices for the Association and its associated entities.

The Investment Advisory Committee is responsible for using appropriate methodologies and processes to ensure the internal investment funds and those held in trust or by agreement are well managed and operate in compliance.

The Economic Committee looks at matters and resolutions related to labour and immigration, jobs, economy, innovation and technology, energy policies and market access, and advanced education.