Alberta Municipalities keeps Albertans informed about the issues that are affecting their local communities. Our media releases, media advisories, and official statements are published here in keeping with our practice of transparency, openness, and clear & consistent communications. 
Media Contact

Scott Lundy Communications Manager, Alberta Municipalities



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We amplify the voice of our members

From the smallest village to the largest city, across every region of the province, Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) represents the communities where over 85% of Albertans live.

Previously know as the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), ABmunis was founded in 1905 to provide communities a united voice. We work with elected and administrative leaders of Alberta's summer villages, villages, town, cities, and specialized municipalities to advocate for solutions to their common issues.  

And we help them build resilient and thriving communities by providing valuable services. We use our members' combined purchasing power to negotiate the best possible value and competitive pricing on employee benefits, insurance, energy, and other services needed to run an effective and efficient municipality. 

Media Releases

To download the video & audio recording of Alberta Municipalities' President's Official Statement on Budget 2022, please click here to be redirected to the Vimeo website. A download button will be available for you there.


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