Resolutions Library is updated with the results of the 2022 Convention session


Alberta Municipalities has updated the Resolutions Library based on the results of the voting process at our 2022 annual Convention.

Resolutions that were adopted by members are being grouped by topic and submitted to the relevant ministry or organization. Responses to the resolutions will be referred to the relevant Alberta Municipalities Standing Committee, which will make a recommendation on any further action to Alberta Municipalities Board of Directors.  

In January, Alberta Municipalities will issue a call for resolutions to be considered at the 2023 annual Convention taking place in Edmonton in September. The deadline to submit resolutions will be May 31, 2023.  Members may also want to consider submitting a Request for Decision at Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus which is tentatively scheduled to take place at the end of March. Check out the webpage on the difference between resolutions and RFDs for more information on options for members to request action by Alberta Municipalities.   

Alberta Municipalities endeavors to keep members up to date on the status of resolutions through our newsletter, The Weekly, and the Resolutions Library.