Members' resolutions will be considered at Convention 2021, November 17 - 19. We recommend councils review resolutions before Convention, so they are prepared to participate in the debate & voting process.

Resolutions process

Resolutions are a way for municipalities to identify common issues requiring action by other orders of government. They are submitted by Alberta Municipalities’ members prior to our annual Convention. Members debate the resolutions at Convention and vote on them. 

Adopted resolutions are referred to the relevant standing committee which will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Our dedicated team of policy and advocacy specialists will undertake action requested by the Board.

For assistance with resolutions, or questions about the process, please email resolutions [at]

Check out the Resolutions Library for the status of previously adopted resolutions.


Access the 2021 Resolutions Book

Download a PDF or MS Word version of this year's Resolutions Book.