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Designed to attract and retain senior managers


Designed to attract and retain senior managers, our MuniSERP plan provides supplemental retirement benefits in excess of those permitted by the Canada Revenue Agency registered pension plan limits. To be eligible to participate in this plan, employees must also participate in LAPP and APEX.

Facts about the MuniSERP plan & related services:

  • It is a supplemental employee retirement plan designed for senior management.
  • Benefits are 100% employer paid, based on an annual actuarial costing report.
  • The employee has no tax consequences until a benefit is paid.
  • Eligible senior management employees are determined by the employer.
  • The employer determines whether the benefit payable would be made as a lump sum payout or by fixed installment payments.

To learn more, download our MuniSERP Overview.

Additional resources:

MuniSERP Employer Program and Administration Guide