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Other Valuable Services

We connect our members to the expert advice and quality services they need to build thriving communities.

We offer members a full suite of valuable business services to assist Alberta's municipalities and their municipally-related organizations in achieving the efficiencies and innovation they seek.

As part of our service commitment, we offer municipalities and municipally-related non-profit organizations the ability to post jobs online. Our Job Postings allows members to post job openings from Alberta municipalities and across Canada, helping to attract the optimal combination of skill set and experience.

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The Alberta King’s Printer is a valuable resource for researching government-related documents and current legislation. It is updated continuously and is 100% searchable. Here is a sample of what you can access with your subscription:

  • Alberta Gazette as it is published
  • Annotated FOIP
  • Alberta Rules of Court and Court calendar
  • Energy, OHS, Health legislation databases
  • Annual volumes 1996 to present

We provide this subscription on your behalf, saving you every year.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide robust human resources support and services to our members, Alberta Municipalities partners with Y Station to provide an annual wage and compensation survey.

This comprehensive survey establishes a benchmark for municipal compensation in Alberta, allowing our members to review their total compensation and be well positioned to attract and retain employees. The aim of the survey is to:

  • Evaluate and compare current compensation rates for key positions.
  • Better understand the labour market specific to municipalities.
  • Assess each municipality’s current standing and future direction.
  • Review total compensation to attract and retain employees.
  • Gain insight into:
    • The competitive marketplace
    • Municipal Profile
    • Union Membership
    • Change in Salary
    • Council Remuneration
    • Council Benefits
    • Staff Hours and Benefits
    • Staff Salaries and Wages

The survey is conducted by Y Station from June to August with the results being available in October. For municipalities who participate in the survey free aggregate reporting is provided (available at a charge for those who did not participate). Customized reporting is available upon request (one free per benefits customer or at a charge).

If you have any questions, please wagesurvey [at] (contact us).

Increase your savings and decrease your paperwork with your BMO Mastercard

Our BMO Mastercard offers you purchasing transparency, card controls, in-depth reporting, protection against fraud, and more.

  • Annual rebate on your BMO Mastercard purchases
  • No card fees for set up, annual renewal, card replacement or changes
  • We will manage set up and ongoing administration
  • Insurance for employee misuse
  • One convenient monthly invoice
  • Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of statement
  • Restrict how, when and where the cards can be used based on your organization’s needs

clientdevelopment [at] (Contact our team) to learn more and apply today.