Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act

The Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act regulations come into force in August 2022. These regulations intend to reduce the number of liens filed annually in Alberta. Liens are generally filed when a party is not paid for work done on a project. To ensure that payments are made in an orderly manner, contractors will be required to issue a proper invoice every 31 days, and the owner will have 28 days to pay that invoice or they could be subject to an adjudication process. These changes will have significant impacts to municipalities’ accounts payable and contract management processes.

We hosted prompt payment webinars on June 9th and June 17th, 2022 to give members an opportunity to have questions answered on prompt payment. A recording of the June 9th webinar can be viewed here. 

Check back to this page often for additional resources to assist municipalities in incorporating these changes to their operations.