Water Management

No water = no municipalities. Water is a finite resource essential to all dimensions of municipal sustainability.

Over the past several years Alberta Municipalities has engaged our members in developing water policies, plans and resources to help municipalities respond to the broad range of water-related issues they face. This hub provides an overview of Alberta Municipalities' water initiatives as well as examples and resources related to a number of priority municipal water issues. To better organize this information, the pages have been grouped under broad headings with accordion drop-downs that expand on specific topics.

The Watershed Management page provides resources on aquatic invasive species, lake management and source water protection.

If you are looking for more information on ways your municipality can reduce water usage, check out the Water Conservation section.

Resources on how the Alberta Government regulates and allocates water and wastewater can be found in the Water and Wastewater Management section.

Grant funding and practices related to the procurement of water and wastewater infrastructure are in the Planning and Funding section.

Alberta Municipalities’ efforts that ended in policies and resolutions can be found in the Alberta Municipalities Policies and Resolutions section.

There is also a glossary of water terms and facts about water in Alberta in the Additional Information section.