Employee Benefits Webinars

To serve you better, we make it easier for you to access all of our Employee Benefit webinars. From Plan Administrator Education Sessions to Disability Management Sessions, you can find all webinars on this page. 

Our monthly Wellness Strategy webinar series, in partnership with Sun Life, ran from March 2, 2022, until January 4, 2023. All sessions were scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, from 1 - 1:30 p.m. (MT). Recording of each webinar, along with other resources are posted on our Vimeo account.

Additional Resources: Workplace Mental Health Toolkit

Be guided through the benefit administration process from start to finish as a Plan Administrator: Learn more about additional benefits available outside your core benefit plan, benefits concerning disability, and claim fraud as part of our Plan Administrator Education Sessions. Recording of the webinars can be found here.

  • Mental Health & Absence Management

    What is the managers’ role and responsibilities around mental health and absenteeism? How can a manager deal with these situations effectively, support the employee in need and manage the rest of the team? This session will review guidelines to help managers be prepared for these potential situations and provide tips to help support your absence management practices.
  • Promoting a Healthy Workplace

    The Mental Health Commission of Canada has identified 13 factors that influence mental health in the workplace. Learn about the 13 factors and how you can take some simple steps to promote each one in your workplace and begin your journey to align with the Canadian National Standards for Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace.
  • Options in Workplace Disability

    In this session we will review different types of disability management programs including Salary Continuance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Workers Compensation, and how they are different or complement each other. We will look at best practices to help you navigate the disability system more confidently.
  • Best Practices in Disability Management

    In this session we will review the advantages of ‘stay at work’ and ‘return to work’ programs, key components of accommodation, and the role Sun Life plays and how your organization can help support this process. We will look at simple steps to establish effective ‘stay at work’ and ‘return to work’ procedures for your organization.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    Flex Spending 2020 Webinar

    Product launch webinar providing an overview of flexible spending accounts

As employers and people managers, supporting mental health is more important than ever – for you and your plan members. You can watch the recording here and review the presentation.

This webinar is for the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops only. You can find the recording of the Orion Travel webinar here