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Are you a member of our Employee Benefits plan?

Alberta Municipalities is proud to support your health benefits needs. We appreciate all you do to help create strong and thriving communities. Through partnerships with leading national organizations, we provide comprehensive protection for municipal and not-for-profit employees across Alberta.

Below you'll find quick links to information that is important to access your health benefits.

Please note, to register online and access the services and support available to you, you will need to have the plan information provided by your Plan Administrator on hand. 

Looking to access coverage information & submit claims?

Accessing your coverage information and submitting claims is made easy through my Sun Life. Using the information your Plan Administrator provided to you, you can go online or download the app to access the information you need. 

Looking for more help? Call 1.800.361.6212 to obtain online access or to access telephone services.

Looking to access your Employee & Family Assistance Program?

An Employee & Family Assistance Program can provide you with health and wellbeing solutions for you and your family. Talk to your Plan Administrator about your access to this service and connect online or through the App.

Want to learn more about specific mental health support available?

If you do not have Employee & Family Assistance Program coverage, please review our 'Mental Health Support for Employees' overview to learn about the support available to you.

If you have Employee & Family Assistance Program coverage, please review the supports below that address specific life events. Talk to your Plan Administrator about your access to these services or review your access digitally.

If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to your Plan Administrator to receive support that is specific to your plan design.

Employee & Family Assistance Program coverage available:

Workplace Referral program
Provides employers with a method of referring an employee experiencing work performance issues for professional assessment and counselling. Through more intensive and specialized intervention than Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling, the program focuses on resolving an employee’s performance issue. Referrals can be monitored or mandated and are a valuable tool in an employee’s performance management plan.

Depression Care 
Depression Care™ helps individuals with moderate to severe symptoms of depression. Participants benefit from the unique partnership between our counsellors and psychiatrists and their own physician to evaluate the individual’s condition and provide most appropriate treatment. This service is at an additional fee to employers. 

Structured Relapse Prevention Program 
Structured Relapse Prevention Program supports employees who have successfully completed an addiction treatment program with their reintegration to the workplace and ongoing relapse prevention support. The program reporting allows the employer to monitor the employee’s successes and challenges in sustaining abstinence. This service is at an additional fee to employers. 

Substance Abuse Program 
Substance Abuse Program provides access to specialist recommendations for employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol in the workplace. Through the program’s assessment service and reporting, employees receive help quickly for their substance abuse/addiction issues and employers mitigate risk. This service is at an additional fee to employers. 

WorkAssist™ aims to reduce the time and cost of disability claims by using an early intervention model of disability management – assessing for mental health issues at the earliest point of a claim, sometimes even before the short-term threshold has been reached. This helps employees regain productivity and return to work as quickly as possible. This service is at an additional fee to employers. 

Trauma Assist 
Trauma Assist™ helps individuals cope with traumatic stress and build resilience in their lives. The program provides a much-needed accessible and confidential solution for mild to moderate symptoms of traumatic stress. Trauma Assist is focused on early intervention to help mitigate future disability claims. This service is at an additional fee to employers. 

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