Risk Management e-Learning

Learning about risk control has never been easier!

Managing risks today in our litigious society is important. Municipal organizations today face losses at almost every turn. From ensuring sidewalks are safe, to providing snow removal and recreational facilities; there is risk involved in everything municipalities do. 

That is why we offer our members complimentary learning opportunities and solution-based toolkits through our online learning portal. Our e-learnings are the ideal tool to refresh your knowledge or learn the fundamentals of Risk Management.

We offer our members 15 complementary learning modules.
In 2023, 712 modules were completed by our members.

Our online learning modules offer:

  • Accessible and affordable education for our members
  • Learning at your own pace from home or work
  • Courses that are easy to use and understand
  • Courses that provide the same curriculum as facilitated courses


Available modules:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Municipalities
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods for Municipalities
  • Cyber Security and Information Protection
  • Risk Management Modules 1-11:
    • Essentials of Municipal Risk Management
    • Liability Loss Control - Public Works
    • Fleet and Equipment Loss Prevention
    • Liability Loss Control - Parks and Recreation
    • Liability Loss Control - Contractual Issues
    • Liability Loss Control - Municipal Errors and Omissions
    • Environmental Risk Management Guidelines
    • Insurance 101: Basics for Beginners
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Planning
    • Long-Term Care Facilities Risk Management

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