Alberta Municipalities & the MGA Review

Red Tape Reduction Review of the MGA 

In 2019, the provincial government signaled its intent to make substantive changes to the MGA as part of its Red Tape Reduction Initiative. Municipal Affairs identified some easy changes to the MGA that could be made, based on the Municipal Accountability Program (MAP) and some early red tape reduction suggestions received by the government (e.g. through their public website). MAP reviews municipal processes and procedures to help develop knowledge of mandatory legislative requirements.

The first set of red tape reduction changes to the MGA were outlined in Bill 25, 2019, which was introduced in the Legislature on November 18, 2019 and came into force on January 1, 2020.

The second set of red tape reductions changes to the MGA were outlined in Bill 48, 2020, which was introduced in the Legislature on November 16, 2020 and came into force on December 9, 2020 (with exceptions).

Alberta Municipalities' Red Tape Reduction submission was provided to the provincial government in fall 2019. Alberta Municipalities continues to pursue its requested changes and any others that emerge through committee work and member engagement.

Alberta Municipalities has developed a Red Tape Reduction Evaluation Framework for assessing initiatives and legislative amendments proposed by the province. This Framework was approved by the Alberta Municipalities' Board in April 2020.

Visit the Legislative Amendments page for more details on red tape reduction amendments to the MGA.

The 2010 to 2017 MGA Review Process

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) review, which resulted in significant amendments being proclaimed in 2017, was a decade-long process that included extensive municipal involvement, and the development of a number of regulations that set out the details for how the updated MGA was to be implemented. Prior to this review process, the MGA had not been reviewed since 1995.

Figure 1: MGA Review Process

Alberta Municipalities took a leading role in presenting municipal needs throughout the review process. Our work included:

  • Developing detailed background reports;
  • Engaging members at Conventions, Mayors’ Caucuses, Municipal Leaders’ Caucuses, and other events;
  • Forming a steering committee with municipal experts;
  • Participating on provincial engagement committees;
  • Developing major submissions to the Minister of Municipal Affairs; and
  • Analyzing and responding to proposed legislative and regulatory changes.

Alberta Municipalities' Submissions

Alberta Municipalities made a number of formal submissions throughout the 2010-2017 MGA review process. These submissions included broad statements setting out the principles for legislative changes, in-depth recommendations on specific policy issues, responses to proposed changes, and joint submissions with other associations. Below are links to these submissions and related analyses of MGA changes.




2010 - 2015

AUMA Analyses of MGA Changes



Alberta Municipalities Member Resolutions

One of the primary ways Alberta Municipalities receives direction from members is through resolutions passed each year at the annual Convention. Given the importance of MGA review processes, a number of resolutions have been passed relating to changes to the Act and related regulations. Click here to access the Resolutions Library.