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From the smallest village to the largest city, we harness the power of our members

We represent Alberta's municipalities where +85% of Albertans live
Our services are used by more than 300 of Alberta's 334 municipalities
Community Support
We support over 700 not-for-profits through our products & services
Our products & services fund over 30% of our advocacy efforts
Alberta Municipalities March 2023

We speak

as one

It's Time to Talk

Alberta Municipalities invites the Government of Alberta to work with us as full partners, in collaboration and co-operation, to solve the issues facing Alberta’s communities. 

It’s time to talk about infrastructure funding.

It’s time to talk about community safety, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized.

Calgary pointing

When we speak as one, we speak volumes

Alberta Municipalities is committed to advocating for the needs of all our members, from the smallest village to the largest city.

We serve communities, not shareholders

Alberta Municipalities has been supporting communities since 1905. Recognizing the challenges of today, our specialized products & services are designed to meet our members’ needs.