Our Culture

We have a proud history built on a collaborative spirit and a commitment to support our members and communities.

Our Alberta Municipalities Community

We have a proud history built on a collaborative spirit and a commitment to support our members and communities. This spirit is evident in our work and influences everything we do.  Read on to learn about our initiatives, committees, and activities.


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"We all enjoy collaborating, working together and delivering on the purposes of our organization. I think it does help us build strong communities in Alberta." - Dan Rude, CEO at Alberta Municipalities

Corporate Challenge

Every year, we compete against other companies and organizations from across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region in more than 20 sports, games, and collaborative activities. These corporate challenges are an ideal opportunity to meet colleagues from different departments and compete as a team against other companies and organizations. 

We are proud of our team’s achievements at the Corporate Challenge Edmonton events during and after regular working hours. While some of our teams earned medals, all of them succeeded in bringing people together to have fun, compete, and create and strengthen our team spirit.

Social Committee

Alberta Municipalities’ Social Committee plans and organizes events that provide opportunities for ABmunis’ staff to get to know each other, build a positive work culture, and embrace the “We Are Community” corporate culture mantra.

Throughout the year, our Social Committee presents lots of creative and fun ways to bring people from different departments together through social activities like themed trivia quizzes, BBQs, Easter egg hunts, and so much more. 

Safety & Wellness Committee

The mandate of Alberta Municipalities’ Safety & Wellness Committee is to create a work environment in which staff are actively engaged in their safety, health, and well-being.

We do this by hosting events and organizing projects and programs that increase awareness of health and safety matters and promote an accident-free workplace. We also train and manage our department fire wardens, First Aid and CPR responders, and arrange ergonomic assessments.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is an excellent way to connect with the communities in which we live and make meaningful differences in other people’s lives. Our employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise in support of not-for-profit organizations, both during and after working hours.

Every year, employees are eligible to receive 7.5 hours of paid time to support their volunteer efforts. Staff members also come together to volunteer as teams when opportunities arise to make a difference.