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Long-term budget stability + an innovative approach

We have been procuring electricity for members through a unique aggregation process for over 20 years. Over time, we’ve fine-tuned our process, developed customized customer care and achieved great energy rates for our members.

Now, more than ever, Alberta’s communities are looking for long-term budget stability and are aware of the changes facing the energy industry.  

Our new offering, Power+, offers the same reliability and cost savings we achieve through our unique aggregation process combined with the ability to lock in long-term. This solution allows you to access energy pricing right from its source, avoiding costs incurred when dealing with intermediaries and mitigating long-term carbon cost increases.


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Ready to take your power purchasing to the next level?

Connect with us and find out what participating in Power+ could mean for your municipality. 

Our team will help you explore the benefits, walk you through our transparent approach, and discuss the right term for your organization.