CEIP - Getting Started

How to launch the Clean Energy Improvement Program in your municipality

Road map

If you want to offer property owners in your community a new way to pay for energy-saving renovations, here’s how to launch the Clean Energy Improvement Program in your municipality.

  1. Build a business case for your municipality.
  2. Explore where your municipality may source capital for the program (e.g., local bank or credit union, internal funds, Federation of Canadian Municipalities).
  3. Draft and pass the Clean Energy Improvement Tax bylaw needed to enable the program in your municipality.
  4. Finalize program design and onboard local contractors.
  5. Market the program to potential participants and begin accepting applications.

Alberta Municipalities supports you each step of the way

Alberta Municipalities will provide you with technical support each step of the way, advising you on program design and bylaw development.

Once the program is in market, Alberta Municipalities manages most of the administrative responsibilities. This includes application reviews, Qualified Contractor onboarding, website hosting, customer service, marketing support, quality assurance, and reporting.

Municipalities are responsible for signing financing agreements with property owners, levying and overseeing repayment of the charge, and collaborating on marketing.

Program capitalization

Municipalities are also responsible for securing capital for financing eligible projects, typically from a financial institution or other lender. When evaluating options, municipalities should consider the flexibility of the terms of the borrowing, the interest rate, and any additional costs.

Apply to the Community Efficiency Financing Program

For a limited time, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities is offering a low-interest loan of up to $10 million for municipalities to capitalize their residential energy efficiency programs. Additionally, a four-year grant of up to $5 million is available to support the cost of program administration.

Alberta Municipalities will provide technical support to any municipality applying for a loan from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.