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Annual Report

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Supporting Alberta's municipalities

Throughout 2021, we did what our association does whenever it faces adversity – we continued to pull together, collaborate, lend support, and be there for one another. It was a perfect demonstration of having strength in members.

Our advocacy team worked tirelessly to ensure the provincial and federal governments knew precisely where our members stood on a wide assortment of issues. And our products and services delivered excellent value, providing cost savings and budget certainty for members, with services that are tailored to fit the needs of Albertan communities.

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in Members

We represent Alberta's municipalities where +85% of Albertans live
We serve more than 300 Alberta municipalities
Community Support
We support over 700 not-for-profits through our products & services
Our products & services fund over 30% of our advocacy efforts

A message from our President

Alberta Municipalities stood up for our members and spoke with a strong and united voice throughout 2021. We strenuously objected to the provincial government’s continual downloading of services and expenses onto municipalities to balance the provincial budget, and we worked tirelessly to get local governments the funding they need. 

Our association unveiled its new brand name, Alberta Municipalities, and our new motto, Strength in Members, this past fall. It says so much about how our members work together to achieve great things for our communities and the people who live in them. Because, when we work together and speak as one, we speak volumes.

When we speak as one, we speak volumes

We are passionate about listening to our members. Whether we’re visiting communities across Alberta, hosting members events or requesting member feedback, being supportive of our members is our priority. We work hard to stand as one and amplify municipal voices.

We made +200 member visits across Alberta
Our virtual Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus hosted over 470 municipal leaders
Over 555 pages of member feedback were gathered and analyzed through our brand research sessions
Our first in-person Convention since 2019 hosted +1200 in-person and virtual attendees


& Growth

Cost savings & budget certainty for our members

Our products and services make up a key component to the overall value we provide to our members. We provide competitively priced services with a personalized touch. We can do this because we are not focused on driving up profits for shareholders, we are focused on supporting our member communities.

We protected members from market shocks using the power of our insurance pool
Over 7500 employees receive mental health support through our Employee Benefits
In 2021 alone, our electricity aggregation secured rates below market forecasts + resulted in cost savings of $6.4 million for participating members
Over 2000 employees are covered through our Retirement Services