Small Group Asset Management Workshops: Register by Dec. 31

If your municipality is looking to address gaps in its asset management training, Alberta Municipalities suggests you consider participating in a Small Group Learning Opportunities workshop. But act quickly; registration closes on December 31, 2022!

The new workshops are geared for communities that are implementing asset management but could use some support from a peer to work through a specific issue. They complement the cohort-based asset management workshops for municipalities that ABmunis has been hosting with the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) and Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta (IAMA) for several years.

Participants will collaborate on real issues that local governments are facing and develop solutions to these problems with the advice of experts. The small group learning communities will be more self-directed than the cohorts. Participants can select the topic they want to address. Discussions will be driven by the participants with support from facilitators who have significant asset management experience. The goal: identify common asset management challenges and develop solutions.

The Small Group Learning Communities are based on three broad areas:

  • Asset Management has no dumb questions
  • The software debate
  • Collaboration 

These opportunities will occur the day before IAMA’s regularly scheduled professional development opportunities. There is no need to sign up for both events to participate in a Small Group Learning Opportunities workshop.

Click here to register.