NEW TOOLS! Councillor Code of Conduct: A Guide for Municipalities

AUMA, in partnership with AAMDC and Alberta Municipal Affairs, is pleased to announce the release of a tool for municipalities to implement the recent changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The Councillor Code of Conduct: A Guide for Municipalities [NOTE: a link to the updated version is available below] is a tool to help municipalities develop their local codes of conduct.

The revised MGA requires all municipalities to develop a council code of conduct; however, the province has left the details of each municipality’s code of conduct to be determined locally.

The resource is broken into two parts:

  • The first part is an explanation of codes of conduct and what the legislative amendments require.
  • The second part is an actual template that municipalities can use and adapt to their local context. Access the Word version of the bylaw template.

AUMA encourages members to use this resource to help develop their local council codes of conduct.

UPDATED SEP 19, 20232023 updated version of The Code of conduct is available here.