Be it resolved... the time to start resolving is NOW!

The 2023 Convention may seem a long way off, but the resolutions process has begun!

The 2023 Resolutions Guide is available and chock full of tips like getting input on resolution topics and drafts from Alberta Municipalities early in the process by sending an resolutions [at] (email). A downloadable resolutions template is also available to assist in submitting a clear, concise, and properly formatted resolution ahead of the May 31 deadline. 

Based on lessons learned from the 2023 resolutions process, ABmunis has made the following updates to its Resolutions Policy:

  • The deadline for emergent resolutions is now noon on the day before Convention opens (Section 17).
  • The review process undertaken by Alberta Municipalities' administration and the Municipal Governance Committee will now include identifying risks and working with the mover and Board to mitigate those risks (Sections 23 and 25).
  • Clarification has been added that Alberta Municipalities may edit resolutions for consistency with the ABmunis template, clarity, grammar, and punctuation, without the formal approval of the moving and seconding municipalities, so long as the edits do not change the intent of the resolution and the mover is informed (Section 25).
  • The sections on amendments to resolutions now enables “friendly amendments” to be made without requiring a seconder, debate, and vote (Sections 53 to 58).

If you have any questions about the resolutions process or policy, please contact us by resolutions [at] (email). If you are debating between submitting a Request for Decision for Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus or a resolution for Convention, check out our web page on Requesting Action from Alberta Municipalities and a recent article on Requests For Decisions (RFDs), which are due by March 6.