ARMA announces new Board Chair

On January 18, 2018, Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) announced the appointment of Caroline McAuley as Chair of the ARMA Board of Directors.

Caroline, who is also the Mayor of Vermilion, was appointed by Minister Shannon Phillips after a formal recruitment process conducted by Alberta Environment and Parks. As Chair, Caroline represents the public-at-large and will serve a three-year term effective January 14, 2018.

Caroline’s appointment comes after the end of Bob Barss’ term as Chair. Bob served a total of 11 years on the Board and fulfilled his responsibilities with integrity, with continued perseverance to ensure Albertans had access to the most effective electronics, paint, and tire recycling programs possible.

AUMA thanks Bob for his years of service and welcomes Caroline to the ARMA Board.

AUMA is proud to be a member of ARMA, with AUMA’s Vice President of Cities up to 500,000, Mayor Cathy Heron, sitting on ARMA’s Board of Directors. This relationship enables us to share information regarding ARMA’s programs with our members, as well as provide feedback on those programs from our members back to ARMA.  AUMA also partners with ARMA on advocacy issues related to waste management and recycling, including the current campaign to update Alberta’s recycling regulatory framework.