Including Auxiliary Cadets in Police Officers Collective Bargining Act

Resolution Category Targeted Scope 1
Subject Social
Year 2015
Status Adopted - Expired
Sponsor - Mover
Calgary, City of
Active Clauses

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association urge the Government of Alberta to amend the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act to include Auxiliary Cadets as part of the bargaining unit that represents police officers.

Whereas Clauses

WHEREAS citizen satisfaction survey results consistently identify road safety as a priority;

WHEREAS traffic enforcement is another tool used towards deterring speeding;

WHEREAS speeding is considered the single most important determinant in affecting traffic safety, the number of collisions and the severity of collisions on the road;

WHEREAS additional resources would assist in improved police services response times;

WHEREAS the Auxiliary Cadets in Calgary could be assigned traffic enforcement duties in residential areas;

WHEREAS the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act includes provisions for creating the bargaining unit that represents police officers and the definition of police officers; and

WHEREAS any amendments to include Auxiliary Cadets as part of the police officers bargaining unit is under the jurisdiction of The Government of Alberta through the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act.

Resolution Background

Since policing agencies are faced with increasing requests for service within existing budgets, greater flexibility in the current legislation to allow cadets to take on traffic enforcement in residential areas as well as other administrative duties would be ideal.


This amendment only impacts municipalities in the province that have a municipal police service and who have individuals working as Auxiliary Cadets. Municipalities who are served by the RCMP would not be impacted. There are also no negative impacts to existing CUPE Local 38 or civilian employees in addition to peace officers who are governed under the Peace Officer Act.


This approach would have province-wide benefit for other Police Services in Alberta who face similar resourcing challenges and employ a similar Auxiliary Cadet program. Other municipalities who may have an interest in this amendment currently include Lethbridge, Camrose, Medicine Hat and Edmonton. 

Government Response

It is my position that any amendments to the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act and significant expansion of the roles and function of auxiliary cadets across the province be pursued in collaboration with the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP). This group is best suited to address the broader implications that any legislative changes may have for the law enforcement community.

It is my understanding that the AACP has already constructed a sub-committee to consider this topic. If the AACP moves forward with a proposal regarding an expansion of the authorities of auxiliary cadets, they will be required to present it to Bill Sweeney, Assistant Deputy Minister and Director of Law Enforcement of the Public Security Division.

Alberta Municipalities notes

Awaiting information from the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police.