Your feedback by July 14: Future of Intermunicipal Collaboration

You still have time to provide your feedback on our Future of Intermunicipal Collaboration by July 14. 

Collaboration is the key to building thriving communities. This is the main finding of the Future of Municipal Government project so far. The project has also identified opportunities to enhance collaboration. Based on discussion among municipalities large and small, urban and rural from across Alberta at our President’s Summit in March, we have drafted Recommendations on the Future of Intermunicipal Collaboration.

Participants at our Summer Municipal Leaders Caucus’, which wraps up this week, are providing feedback on the recommendations. We also welcome written feedback. advocacy [at] (E-mail us) with your thoughts by July 14 with ‘Future of Intermunicipal Collaboration’ in the subject line.

The following questions are guiding discussion during the MLC sessions and can help guide written comments: 
- What are your thoughts on the draft recommendations? 
- Do they make sense? 
- Are any clarifications needed?
•    Do portions of the draft report need further discussion? If so, what are they, and what information is needed? 
•    Do you have concerns about any of the recommendations being included in the report? 
•    Are any major topics missing in the recommendations? If so, what are they and why are they important?

ABmunis will revise the recommendations report based on your feedback and release an updated version in early September. The updated recommendations report will form the foundation for engagement with Municipal Affairs, RMA, and other partners involved in enhancing intermunicipal collaboration efforts.