Webinar series & resources to tackle drought

Alberta Municipalities and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) have worked together to develop a series of online seminars on drought and water management ahead of what is quickly shaping up to be an extremely dry spring and summer in Alberta.

Webinar series on drought preparation

The following webinars are designed for municipalities of ALL sizes and locations:

To register, click on the session that matches your community's geographic location.

They online seminars will feature speakers from Alberta Environment and municipalities who share their advice on preparing for water shortages.

Helpful drought-related links

The Government of Alberta offers several helpful online resources for municipalities of all sizes and locations. They include: 

  • The provincial government's Drought web page provides updates, including a recorded presentation of the current drought forecast, the preparation plan and specific information for municipalities.
  • Regular updates for specific watersheds throughout Alberta. Click here to sign up. 

Please direct any questions you have to either epa.drought [at] gov.ab.ca (epa[dot]drought[at]gov[dot]ab[dot]ca) or to kris [at] abmunis.ca (Kris Samraj), ABmunis Policy Analyst.