We are here to help you build thriving communities

In early 2020, as we embarked on our strategic brand research, we hosted many stakeholder engagement sessions during which we heard how our members value the work we do to help you build thriving communities. This will continue to be our goal as we embark on a new path with a refreshed brand presence.

Part of this work includes supporting your community’s not-for-profit organizations. We understand that these groups can be vital in helping to make your community stronger and more resilient. As an inclusive association committed to building thriving communities, we want to make them feel welcome as members, too.

You also told us that you want to see the Association present itself using the same terms you use to describe yourselves. You made it clear that you define yourselves as communities and municipalities, words that you use interchangeably to describe the places to which you are so committed. So, we are evolving alongside you with a refreshed brand.

And we will continue to evolve with you. We are all facing a changing environment and your Association will be there to support you as you look to a brighter future.

On Day 1 of Convention 2021 (Wednesday, November 17) you will see how we have developed our brand in a way that communicates our Association’s inclusiveness, the diversity of its membership, and the benefits that come from acting together.

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