Updated recommendations on intermunicipal collaboration released

After 18 months of continuous effort and the production of six research papers, the main finding of Alberta Municipalities' Future of Municipal Government (FOMG) project is that collaboration is key to enabling municipalities to build and sustain thriving communities.

ABmunis has just released updated recommendations on the future of intermunicipal collaboration. The recommendations are based on findings from research papers released by the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy and discussion of those findings during webinars with the papers’ authors and ABmunis’ President’s Summit on FOMG held in March 2023. The recommendations were updated based on feedback from participants of June’s Municipal Leaders' Caucus events and written feedback from ABmunis members and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA).

Engagement on this topic does not end with the release of the updated recommendations. The recommendations provide direction for the association's advocacy to Municipal Affairs and our capacity-building work with Municipal Affairs and RMA. They also point to the need for further thought and discussion about how collaboration is legislated, funded, and practiced. ABmunis' Municipal Governance Committee will oversee follow-up on the recommendations and further engagement with members and partners. Stay tuned to The Weekly for updates and opportunities for further discussions.

In the meantime, CAOs have an important role to play in collaboration. The latest FOMG paper uncovers a trend towards increasing turnover of CAOs. Read Lonely at the Top: An Examination of the Changing Dynamics for Chief Administrative Officers in Alberta Municipalities. You can also register for a webinar with the report’s authors on Friday, October 12, from 10:30 a.m. to noon to discuss the issues underlying this trend and potential solutions.