Update from the Legislature – November 1, 2023

The First Session of the 31st Legislature began with a Speech from the Throne delivered by Lt.-Gov. Salma Lakhani on October 30. The speech touched on 13 different themes, including:

  • growth pressures
  • infrastructure
  • public safety
  • the addiction crisis.

While short on details, the high-level speech identified as government priorities the need for “massive infrastructure improvements” and the need to “substantially invest in infrastructure that incentivizes economic development”.

The Legislature is scheduled to sit for five weeks this fall before rising. Bill 1 – the first piece of legislation for the session – was tabled on October 30. If passed into law, it will legislate that the imposition of a general provincial sales tax or an income tax increase may only happen if approved in a referendum.

Fall 2023 Legislation Status (as of Monday, October 30, 2023)

Leave to Introduce a Bill

Bill 2 - Alberta Pension Protection Act (Horner)
Bill 3 - Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Amendment Act, 2023 (Williams)
Bill 4 - Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2023 ($) (Horner) 
Bill 5 - Public Sector Employer Amendment Act, 2023 (Horner)

Second Reading

Bill 1 – Alberta Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act, 2023 (Smith)