Update from the Legislature – March 15, 2023

The Legislature is in session this week. It is scheduled to sit for the next two weeks before rising on March 30. With the main estimates scheduled to be voted on and passed on March 16, the MLAs’ attention will turn to legislation. Bill 10, the Financial Statutes Amendment Act, includes an amendment to the Local Government Fiscal Framework Act making the revenue index factor change in line with provincial revenues, as advocated for by Alberta Municipalities.

Bill 9, the Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, makes minor tweaks to several acts including the Municipal Government Act.

Spring 2023 Legislation Status (as of Tuesday, March 14)

Leave to Introduce a Bill

Bill 9 – Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act (Nally)
Bill 10 - Financial Statutes Amendment Act, 2023 ($) (Toews)

Second Reading


Committee of the Whole

Bill 8 – Alberta Firearms Act (Shandro)

Third Reading


Awaiting Royal Assent


Received Royal Assent