Upcoming next-generation 911 series

Municipalities across Alberta have begun implementing Canada’s next-generation 911 (NextGen911) system.

Today, 911 services are primarily analog and require callers to verbally provide information related to an emergency (e.g. current state, location). 

Municipalities and First Nations are required to transition new technologies by March 2025, as mandated by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The NextGen911 system will provide emergency responders with numerous new capabilities, including text message communication, video calls, and access to precise location data. Together, these capabilities will result in more efficient and effective emergency dispatch services.

The adoption of this new standard will help to address risks and the current system’s shortcomings. Right now, the system is unable to support disorientated and non-verbal callers, and it often requires callers to know their location or street address.

We look forward to showcasing municipalities who are leading the way in adopting this new standard in Alberta, starting with Strathcona County.

For more information, please contact danb [at] abmunis.ca (Dan Blackburn), Senior Director of Growth & Innovation.