Town of Drayton Valley uses AI for water treatment

Drayton Valley is using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize its water treatment processing facilities, and several significant Alberta-based partners are involved.

The town is piloting an AI-driven ultrafiltration system in collaboration with the University of Alberta, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), ISL Adapt, and with funding from Alberta Innovates

The pilot project uses artificial intelligence to predict the quality of incoming water from the North Saskatchewan River, optimizing the dosing of coagulating chemicals to treat the raw water. A key challenge this project aims to address is the ever-changing mix of organic and inorganic materials in the watershed, especially in areas that are prone to wildfires, which deposit significant organic and inorganic debris into the water.

Constant changes to the water supply makes it difficult for human operators to calculate the appropriate chemical dosages – this is where the AI-driven ultrafiltration system comes into play. If it can be adopted at an industrial scale, the AI-driven system will enable treatment facilities to adapt to changing water quality in real time, reducing disruptions, while producing cleaner and more cost-effective drinking water.

This innovative technology could substantially lower water treatment costs, enhance climate change resilience, and secure a sustainable future for communities.

For more information, please contact hylann [at] (Hylann Ma), Growth and Innovation Manager.