Top cyber security threats of 2023

Every new year presents a new set of cyber security threats for organizations to be aware of and mitigate. As the adoption of both digital and online technologies accelerates, so too does the proliferation and frequency of cyber attacks.

The top cyber security threats to watch for in 2023 include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) hacking – cyber criminals are using AI to systematically find and exploit weaknesses and automate the creation of personalized ‘phishing’ attacks to solicit sensitive information.
  • SMS & Voice Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) exploitation – organizations using SMS / text and voice methods of authentication are increasingly at risk as cyber criminals are intercepting and replicating these methods of verification (this can be done by simply getting someone’s phone number).
  • Targeted ransomware attacks – cyber criminals are deliberately targeting organizations that have limited cyber security controls to force a significant payout or auction their data on the dark web. 
  • Cloud service data security – organizations should know their role within the scope of their cloud computing contracts. Most cloud service providers stipulate they are responsible for securing their underlying infrastructure, but data security often falls to the user to manage.

In light of these considerable threats, organizations should continue bolstering their cyber security programs from one year to the next as new threats emerge and others evolve.

For more information on cyber security, please contact Danb [at] (Dan Blackburn), Senior Director of Growth & Innovation.