Survey on ICFs: Tell the province what changes are needed

We encourage our member municipalities to complete Alberta Municipal Affairs’ online survey on how intermunicipal collaboration frameworks (ICF) can be improved. The survey seeks input on topics such as: 

  • intermunicipal services to be included in an ICF 
  • duration of ICF agreements 
  • method to calculate cost-shared services 
  • mediation and arbitration processes, and 
  • enforcement of arbitrated decisions. 

To help inform your responses to the survey, please refer to ABmunis’ Recommendations on the Future of Intermunicipal Collaboration. For example, based on member input, we have recommended that the original list of services to be addressed in an ICF should be re-added to the Municipal Government Act and expanded to include other services such as libraries, cemeteries, school sites, and family and community social services. 

The survey deadline is April 19, 2024.