Seek change, sponsor resolutions

Would you like Alberta Municipalities to advocate for a specific change in legislation or program through the Government of Alberta or Government of Canada? Sponsoring a resolution is the best way to give ABmunis direction on advocacy.

Regular member municipalities are invited to submit resolutions to be debated at our 2024 Convention on September 24 to 27 in Red Deer. If your council wants to sponsor a resolution, please visit our Resolutions web page to view our Resolution Tips, Resolution Template, and Resolutions Policy.

Change for 2024

Beginning this year, the "mover" municipality and the "seconder" municipality must represent two of the following categories:

  • Population of less than 2,500
  • Population between 2,500 and 10,000
  • Population greater than 10,000.

For example, if the "mover" municipality has a population of 7,000, then the "seconder" municipality must have a population of either less than 2,500 or greater than 10,000. This change increases the likelihood that each resolution is applicable to most municipalities.

If you are unsure about how to find a "seconder" for your resolution, contact us or consider attending our Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus on March 14 and 15, where we will help municipalities identify members who have similar interest in an issue.

Deadline for 2024 resolutions

The deadline for submitting a resolution is May 31, 2024. The councils for the moving and seconding municipalities must approve the resolution by the May 31 deadline. Questions may be directed to resolutions [at] (resolutions[at]abmunis[dot]ca)