To resolve, request or correspond? THAT is the question...

Sometimes, it is difficult to know how best to proceed. Should you bring forward a resolution at the 2023 Convention in September, submit a Request for Decision (RFD) at the 2023 Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus (MLC) in March, or simply send a letter to ABmunis' President outlining your position? It is not always straightforward.

In such cases, we suggest that you check out our Requesting Action from Alberta Municipalities web page.

At a high level:

  • Resolutions involve the most structured process and require official endorsement by a seconding municipality before being submitted. They garner the most attention, as they are discussed by around 1,000 delegates at Convention. Action on those resolutions that are adopted is tracked through our Resolutions Library, in addition to updates provided through The Weekly. Resolutions must be submitted by May 31 for consideration at Convention, which will take place in Edmonton from September 27 to 29, 2023.
  • Requests for Decisions (RFDs) follow a less structured process and do not require endorsement of a supporting municipality before being adopted. They are considered by between 200 and 300 delegates at our Municipal Leaders Caucus (MLC). Alberta Municipalities has more flexibility in how adopted RFDs are addressed. Updates on the actions taken are provided at subsequent MLCs and through The Weekly. RFDs must be submitted by March 6 for consideration at Spring 2023 Municipal Leaders Caucus. Spring MLC will take place on the afternoon of March 30 and morning of March 31 in conjunction with President’s Summit, which starts on March 29 and continues the morning of March 30. Registration for both events opens next week.
  • Letters to Alberta Municipalities, normally addressed to our President, are reviewed by ABmunis' Board of Directors and/or relevant standing committee(s). Responses are determined in the context of related priorities. Letters can be sent at any time.

Alberta Municipalities uses our prioritization framework to inform the amount of effort we dedicate to any particular issue to ensure we are effectively investing our efforts and political capital into issues of most importance to our diverse members. Contact Alberta Municipalities' advocacy team by advocacy [at] (email) to discuss issues of concern to municipalities.