Resolutions for 2024 Convention due May 31

At our recent Spring Municipal Leaders’ Caucus, we hosted a session on our resolutions process where we shared tips such as:

  • Contact our resolutions [at] (Policy & Advocacy staff) as early as possible about your proposed resolution topic
  • Use the tip sheet and resolutions template on our Resolutions web page
  • Start your search early to find a seconder municipality.

We also explained the change to ABmunis' Resolutions Policy that requires the "mover" and "seconder" municipalities to be of different population sizes.

Movers of resolutions can now list a point of contact

This year, we are asking resolution sponsors ("movers") to provide a contact person for each resolution. Their contact information will be published in our Resolutions Book. This way, when a municipality has a question about a resolution, they know who to contact to get clarity before the resolution is presented and debated at Convention.

Deadline for 2024 resolutions

The deadline for this year’s resolutions is May 31, 2024. Don’t delay because the councils for the moving and seconding municipality must approve the resolution by the deadline.

Questions may be directed to resolutions [at] (resolutions[at]abmunis[dot]ca)