Requests For Decision at next week’s MLC

Members attending next week’s Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus (MLC) will be asked to consider the following two Requests for Decision (RFDs):

The RFD session will take place on Thursday, March 30, at 4:40 p.m. Elected representatives from the submitting municipalities will have two minutes in which to introduce their respective RFDs. Then, audience members will have up to 45 seconds in which to comment on the RFDs or ask questions. Once there are no further questions or comments from the audience, elected officials from Regular Members will be invited to vote on the RFD using the online platform Mentimeter.

An RFD is approved if 51 per cent or more of the votes cast are in favour. If the RFD is not approved, no further action is taken and the matter is closed. If the RFD is approved, it is reviewed by one of ABmunis’ standing committees, which then makes recommendations on next steps to ABmunis’ Board of Directors.

A brief update on previous years’ RFDs will also be provided at the session.

Requests For Decisions are an effective way for members to raise issues of concern outside of our annual Convention, which is typically held in late September. The process for submitting, considering, and following up on RFDs is less formal than the process for resolutions considered at Convention.