Reimbursement for late payment of 2022 property taxes ends

In 2022, Alberta’s Land Titles office experienced significant delays in processing land title transfers for home purchases. This led to 2022 property tax notices being sent to former property owners instead of the new ones. As a result, some homebuyers did not pay their 2022 property tax bills and then incurred late payment penalties from municipalities.

The provincial government responded by creating the Property Tax Late Penalty Reimbursement Program in July 2022. Since then, this program helped reimburse more than 1,000 homebuyers for late payment penalties incurred due to delays at the provincial Land Titles office.

The Government of Alberta will close this program on August 31, 2023, because Land Titles has reported a 65 per cent improvement in processing times over the last eight months. More information is available on the Government of Alberta’s website.

If your municipality is concerned that the program is closing, please advocacy [at] (contact us).