Rainbow Lake to pilot renewable geothermal energy

The Town of Rainbow Lake may soon become one of the first communities in Canada to be powered by renewable geothermal energy.

In partnership with E2E Energy Solutions, the town is undertaking a pilot project to prove enough heat and electricity can be produced for their entire community (including for residents).

Geothermal energy is produced by tapping into heat and water located deep underground. While it can be economical, it is typically produced in volcanic regions or areas close to fault lines.

For this project, the patent-pending technology will take the fluids deeper underground to further heat them, and then bring them to the surface to use the steam generated from the fluids to produce energy. This innovative approach may be able to bring geothermal energy generation opportunities to sites and areas where the standard technology was previously not an option.

Pending the success of the pilot, the project will move to the next phases, which involve the construction of a surface geothermal facility, and the design and installation of infrastructure throughout the town.

The potential financial benefits of this project could be substantial. Along with residents no longer needing to pay substantial power distribution costs, the cost of operation would not be subject to the carbon levy.

For more information, please contact hylann [at] abmunis.ca (Hylann Ma), Growth & Innovation Manager.