Preparing to vote on ABmunis resolutions

Alberta Municipalities recently released 24 resolutions that members will be asked to vote on at our Convention on September 28. The resolutions process gives municipalities the opportunity to help determine ABmunis’ advocacy priorities for the coming year.

Each resolution is brought forward by a member municipality for approval by ABmunis’ members so that it can then be acted upon. Each elected official of a Regular Member municipality has the right to vote on each resolution presented at Convention.

If you are sending one or more delegates to this year’s Convention, we highly encourage you to:

  • Review the 2023 resolutions as a council.
  • While we encourage you to discuss your council’s support for or disagreement with the proposed call to action in each resolution, note that each elected official from a Regular Member municipality votes individually using their own device at Convention.

If a representative of your municipality plans to speak for or against a resolution at Convention, please consider the following tips:

  • Members are limited to two minutes of speaking time. The timer starts as soon as a member steps to the microphone.
  • Sometimes members run out of time because they use part of their two minutes to extend thanks or make general remarks. Members are encouraged to practice their addresses so they can say everything they wish to say within the allotted time. 

For a detailed description of the rules of our resolution process, please view our Resolutions Policy AP002.

We look forward to hosting you at Convention and facilitating a healthy and respectful debate of the resolutions that have been put forward by your peers. If you have any questions about this year’s resolutions or the resolution process, please resolutions [at] (email) us.