Our commitment to providing stability during uncertain times

In recent years, the insurance market has experienced significant volatility and substantial premium increases, impacting insurance and employee benefits premiums. During this time, our focus has been to provide stability in your rates well below what other providers offer.

  • Our Insurance & Risk Services offset premiums by providing a rebate of $3.5M in 2022 to shield members from market shocks, dramatic premium increases and delivering budget stability. 
  • Our Employee Benefits renewal rates increased an average of just under 7% in 2022, well below market pricing. Our commitment to sustainable plans allows our members to avoid the significant fluctuations witnessed in the marketplace year to year.

Currently, our team is planning for our 2023 renewal. If you participate in our insurance or employee benefits program, your municipality will be provided with important information impacting next year. We will work through any questions and additional needs you may have. 

Creating cost savings & budget certainty opportunities for members

Our products and services are a key component to the overall value we provide to our members. We provide competitively priced services with a personalized touch. We can do this because we are not focused on driving up profits for shareholders, we are focused on supporting our member communities.

Other recent successes for our members:
  • Through our unique aggregation procurement, our latest electricity aggregation secured rates below market forecasts and resulted in cost savings of $6.4 million for members in 2021 alone. And our 2021 natural gas aggregation secured rates 20% below the future market forecasts for over 100 members.
  • In 2022, contribution rates for our APEX supplementary pension plan remained the same as last year, allowing for budget certainty in uncertain times.

Learn more

For more information about our products & services, we encourage you to explore our website or contact clientdevelopment [at] abmunis.ca (our team) to talk through your specific needs.