Our 2023 member survey results are in!

Each year, we conduct member surveys on various topics about our programs and services. The goal is to gather meaningful information that allows us to provide better services, measure member satisfaction, and develop a better understanding of our members' needs.

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2023 annual surveys. Here is a quick rundown of the percentages of respondents who were satisfied or very satisfied with our programs and services:

  • Policy & Advocacy Efforts - 91% 
  • Employee Benefits Program - 97%
  • Insurance & Risk Services - 97%
  • Energy Services - 98%
  • Pension Plan (APEX, ACPP, MuniSERP) and Savings Programs (Group RRSP and TFSA) - 97%
  • Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) - 100%.  

We are very pleased with these results, as they indicate that we are meeting your business needs and advocating effectively on your behalf.

Based on your feedback, we know that you want us to continue to:

  • Connect with members and offer support such as training and information sessions
  • Continue focusing on engagement with the provincial government
  • Continue communicating with our members on member representation
  • Enhance the awareness and communication on advocacy efforts, resolutions and outcomes
  • Optimize our services by streamlining our processes when it comes to our business lines.