Nominations are open for Minister's Awards for Transportation Innovation

Every year, Alberta's Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors hosts an awards ceremony for innovative transportation projects in the following six categories:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Safety
  • Operational
  • Transit/accessible

Alberta Municipalities is proud to partner with the Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors to evaluate submissions, alongside other stakeholders including the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and Transportation and Economic Corridors staff.

The awards recognize innovations in transportation projects that lead to a safer, more efficient or more sustainable transportation system in Alberta. Nominations can be submitted for public transportation projects in Alberta related to roads, bridges or multi-modal transportation.

Projects completed within the last two years are eligible with demonstrated results in the nominated category. Preference will be given to nominations that have measurable outcomes, but there is no limitation or restriction on the scope or scale of the innovation. Projects that were submitted within the past two years that did not receive an innovation award must be resubmitted with updated relevant information.

Projects can be submitted to more than one category, however submissions with more than one category must explain how the project meets each innovation category. Submissions should be written for a non-technical audience, and the innovation can be original or an adaptation of a technology or process used outside the province. To apply, please visit Alberta Transportation’s website.