Municipalities Replacing Aging Financial Systems

Municipalities across Alberta are increasingly looking to transition their legacy financial and administrative systems to newer solutions.

The shift to modern technologies offers a plethora of benefits, including:

•    Greater security and resiliency;
•    Efficiency through automation;
•    Improved data and reporting, and;
•    Better ability to meet the needs of citizens and business area(s).

While implementing a new financial and administrative system is a large undertaking, they are able to help move traditionally ‘back office’ corporate services to the ‘front office’.

The following provides an understanding of just some of the solutions municipalities in Alberta are looking at or have recently implemented.

•    Central Square – their integrated Vadim-iCity solution is seeing greater uptake in Canada.

•    Diamond Municipal Solutions – offering a Microsoft-based solution (i.e., Dynamics), municipalities like Ponoka are finding value in staying within the Microsoft ecosystem.

•   SylogistGov – used by municipalities like the Town of Tofield and the County of North Lights, this Microsoft-based solution features a variety of integrated municipal models including: taxation, licensing, citizen portal, among others

•    TownSuite – popular amongst many Alberta municipalities (e.g., Clearwater County, MD of Greenview), this solution provides a full suite of functionality (i.e., HR, Financial, eServices, among many others)

•    Workday – this solution is increasingly being used by mid-size cities (e.g., City of Leduc) and larger municipalities.

•    R&R Distinct Solutions - this Microsoft-based solution is being used by smaller municipalities (e,g., Town of Carstairs). Their product suite includes a citizen portal, property taxation, utility billing, general ledger, business and pet licensing, and more

•    Deloitte CITYKIT – this Oracle cloud-based solution is being used by large municipalities like Grande Prairie, Strathcona County, among other mid-size to large municipalities.

Fit is the more important consideration with implementing a new financial or administrative system, which is why many municipalities do upfront assessment and analysis prior to going to procurement.

For more information, please contact Dan Blackburn, Senior Director of Growth & Innovation