Municipal political parties

Last week at ABmunis’ Spring MLC there was considerable talk from provincial officials about the possibility of introducing political parties at the local level, including Premier Smith musing about using Calgary and Edmonton as “pilot projects”.

Our call to action
We encourage you, our members, to repeat and amplify our call so that all provincial political parties know Albertans’ local leaders want local elections to be independent. To this end, we encourage you to write or speak with your local MLA and others in your community who have expressed interest in this issue. You can also help by following and sharing ABmunis’ social media posts on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.

Albertans have spoken…
Our association’s message to the Government of Alberta and special interest groups that are eager to see partisan politics introduced at the local level is clear, unwavering, and unequivocal – listen to regular Albertans who have repeatedly said they simply aren’t interested.