Innovating waste management at County of Wetaskiwin

The County of Wetaskiwin has partnered with a Nova Scotia-based clean-tech company, Sustane Technologies, to create Alberta’s first end-to-end circular waste solution of its kind.

The county will take unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW) directly from households, separate it, and transform it into valuable commodities such as fertilizers.

The project is expected to reduce up to three tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG), for every tonne of waste produced, and aims to divert up to 90 per cent of MSW from local landfills.

Traditional recycling efforts, while beneficial, often rely on the effectiveness of household waste sorting, which can be inconsistent. Sustane’s technology sidesteps this challenge by processing non-source separated waste. This alleviates the need for residents to sort waste into numerous categories and reduces the number of collections and transport trips for the municipality.

The County of Wetaskiwin's partnership could become a blueprint for other municipalities seeking innovative waste management strategies to reduce waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, please contact hylann [at] (Hylann Ma), Growth and Innovation Manager.