How do emergent resolutions EMERGE?

Alberta Municipalities recognizes that issues of importance can arise at any time. That’s why we have a process for members who want to bring forward emergent resolutions.

The criteria for an emergent resolution, as set out in Section 16 of the Resolutions Policy, are that it must

  • Deal with an issue of concern to ABmunis that has arisen after the resolution deadline, or just prior to the resolution deadline, such that members could not submit it as a resolution in time 
  • Have a critical issue that needs to be addressed before the next Convention
  • Comply with the guidelines for resolutions set out in the policy.

Alberta Municipalities adheres strictly to this policy. The deadline for resolutions is set so that they can be reviewed for clarity and accuracy before they are released, and so councils have sufficient time to review them and consider which ones they will support at Convention.

We aim to balance giving municipalities an opportunity to bring forward critical issues with giving members enough time to consider issues before voting.

If your municipality is thinking about bringing an emergent resolution forward, please contact the resolutions [at] (Advocacy) team as soon as possible, so we can help determine whether it meets the criteria and walk you through the process.

If the issue does not meet the criteria, there are other ways to bring it forward, such as sending a letter to our Board or submitting a Request For Decision (RFD) at the Municipal Leaders Caucus which will take place in March 2023. Visit our website for more information on the options members have to request action by the association.

The process for emergent resolutions is presented in our Resolutions Book, along with further information on the Resolutions Session taking place on September 22 as part of our 2022 Convention & Trade Show and, of course, the resolutions themselves.