Have your say on renewable energy development in Alberta

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) will conduct an inquiry related to renewable energy development in Alberta. This inquiry will produce a report to the Minister of Affordability and Utilities on several issues, including development of power plants on specific types of agricultural or environmental lands, impacts to viewscapes, considerations around security for reclamation, development on Crown lands, and the impact of renewables on generation supply mix and grid reliability.

The AUC has also stated they will review the role of municipal governments in land selection for project development and review. A high-level timeline for this inquiry is as follows:

  • AUC notice with additional updates and participant information – Mid-September 2023
  • In-person oral submissions – Late October to mid-November 2023
  • Written submissions – Mid- to late-November 2023
  • Reply submissions – Early-December 2023
  • Oral hearing – Mid-December 2023
  • Submission of report to Minister of Affordability and Utilities – March 29, 2024.

Municipalities should provide their perspectives on renewable energy developments, the economic and social impacts these projects have on their communities, and suggestions for how future approval processes can be more respectful of municipal land-use planning autonomy. Alberta Municipalities will continue to publish updates on the inquiry and reminders of key dates.