Get involved in Alberta health care engagement sessions

The Government of Alberta is conducting nearly 60 in-person engagement sessions across the province on the topic of health care reforms between now and March 25, 2024. 

Its Refocusing health care in Alberta web page says participants will have an "an opportunity for open conversations about the challenges, solutions and innovations that will help shape a more responsive and effective health care system for generations of Albertans to come."

Members are encouraged to register for upcoming sessions near you and complete the online questionnaire.

Alberta Municipalities has consistently advocated for equitable access to health care, quality services, and improved wait times. Based on these themes, we have compiled some questions you might want to ask at the upcoming engagements to ensure your community’s concerns are heard.

Quality of health care services

  • How will the government ensure that quality standards for healthcare services are maintained or improved following the decentralization?
  • What measures will be put in place to monitor and evaluate the quality of care provided by the newly formed health care organizations?

Wait times for specialists & emergencies

  • How will the government address concerns about wait times for specialist appointments and emergency care in each region?
  • Will there be initiatives to enhance coordination and communication between primary care providers, specialists, and emergency services to streamline patient referrals and treatment pathways?

Equitable access to health care

  • What strategies will be implemented to ensure that all residents, regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status, have equitable access to healthcare services?
  • How will the government address potential disparities in healthcare resource allocation and service provision across different regions?

Monitoring and accountability

  • What mechanisms will be in place to monitor and assess the impact of the health care system reorganization on quality, wait times, and equity?
  • How will the government hold the newly formed health care organizations accountable for meeting performance targets and addressing any identified gaps or shortcomings?

Health Minister Adriana LaGrange will be among the cabinet ministers taking part in the Ministers' Dialogue sessions at ABmunis' Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus (MLC), which will take place in Edmonton on March 14 and 15. It is a golden opportunity for members to raise any concerns they may have about health care reorganization with Minister LaGrange in person.