FCM funds more asset management capacity-building training

Alberta Municipalities, in collaboration with Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) and Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta (IAMA), has received funding under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) to develop and deliver a fourth round of asset management capacity-building activities to local governments across Alberta.

This fourth round of funding will be the last delivered under FCM’s partners’ program, and we are pleased to share that we have been funded in all of our previous applications to the program. This funding allows us to offer this training to members at NO COST other than travel expenses for in-person workshops. Past versions of the course materials can be found on the asset management hub

The partnering organizations are planning to develop and deliver four activities:

  • Introductory Cohort: This workshop will provide participants with an overview of key asset management concepts and implementation strategies. Participants will also have an opportunity to develop a draft assessment management policy, strategy, and a team’s terms of reference to be used to support asset management implementation following the cohort. 
  • Advanced Cohort: This workshop will focus on further supporting implementation by focusing on data and information and planning and decision-making. The workshop will also touch on skills related to data collect, defining service levels, and communicating with residents and stakeholders on asset management.
  • Elected Officials Course: This workshop will provide elected officials with basic knowledge on asset management, including its value and implementation strategies from a perspective that is relevant to their role.
  • Asset Management Small Group Learning Communities: The purpose of this activity is to create and support the long-term (post-MAMP) sustainability of a series of small group learning communities focused on using collaboration and mentorship among municipal staff to build asset management capacity among municipalities.

Activity and participation details will be available in the coming months and throughout 2022. Participating municipalities will make tangible progress on the MAMP Asset Management Readiness Scale.

Alberta Municipalities looks forward to working with RMA and IAMA and participating municipalities to further improve municipal asset management capacity in Alberta.