Expiring resolution tackles flood mitigation & mapping standards

Every year, member municipalities have an opportunity to vote on proposed resolutions at our annual Convention. Successful resolutions form the foundation of Alberta Municipalities' advocacy efforts.

Resolutions remain active for three years. After that, they expire but are retained in our association’s Resolution Library.

The resolution, Increase Provincial Flood Mitigation and Mapping Standards, was passed in 2020 and is scheduled to expire at the end of 2023. It asks the Government of Alberta to revise the provincial flood mitigation standard from a 1:100 year flood event to 1:200 years for any new development. Increasing the setbacks of new development from waterways significantly decreases the social and economic cost of flooding.

The Government of Alberta responded to our advocacy and indicated that shifting this standard would affect numerous provincial initiatives and said it would need to study the issue further. It also restated that municipalities may voluntarily increase development setbacks, as some have already done.

ABmunis has marked this resolution as ‘Intent not met. Further action will be taken.’